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Bio: Elder Michael James is the Elder of New Life Worldwide Apostolic Church USA.

He received his calling in Christ in 1984 and he has served in the ministry of NLWAC since 1991 in the United Kingdom and evangelized in Jamaica. He moved to America with his wife and four children in 2001. Since moving to America, he and his wife have established New Life Worldwide Apostolic Church USA, a 501c3 organization. His devotion to the church and the work of God is second to none. His passion is to preach the gospel worldwide, evangelize and plant ministries throughout the United States.

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Bio: Apostle Kevi Jones has served in the ministry of NLWAC since 2003.

He has assisted in the ministry for over 15 years and has developed his ministerial skills under the leadership of Elder Michael James.

He has a passion for church planting with a focus of individual growth. He is devoted to preach, teach and spread the word of God and dedicates his time to assisting with executive ministerial duties within the church.

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Bio: Apostle Donmair Bethune has served in the ministry for over 10 years.

He devotes his time to spreading the word of the Lord, encouraging God's children and preaching the Gospel.

He helps to oversee the day-to-day running of the church and is an integral part of our church service set up. 

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Bio: Apostle Darren Abraham served in New Life Worldwide Apostolic Church UK since 2012 as a minister until he received his calling to the USA in 2016, where he also serves as a minister in the USA church.

He first visited America in 1998, where he accompanied his father Elder Jacob D. Abraham and Elder Michael James when they were evangelizing.

He serves as the Technical Director for NLWAC, setting the sound systems and lighting for all church services. He produces Youtube videos for the ministry on various bible topics as well as being a talented musician who is instrumental in guiding our worship team. He is the lead guitarist in the gospel band, Worldwide Worship.

He is the church Curriculum Designee. He obtained a technical degree in Music Technology in the United Kingdom and is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry at Palm Beach Atlantic University.



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Bio: Apostle Nathan James has served as a minister in New Life Worldwide Apostolic Church USA since 2014.


He first visited America with his father Elder Michael James and Elder Jacob D. Abraham in 1998 when they first evangelized Florida. In 2001, when he was only 8 years old, he moved with his parents to Florida from the UK.

He holds a bachelors of Arts in Music and a masters in Educational Leadership, and is a talented musician who plays multiple instruments. He co-directs the music ministry and co-leads the youth ministry which focuses on teaching the bible and developing a youth band.

He has co-produced gospel music for NLWAC with Apostle Darren Abraham. He is part of NLWAC social media management team and is the Worship Outreach Designee.

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Bio: Minister Michael Moncada was called to commission in March 2018.


He is our first Hispanic Minister, and his main function in the church is to preach and teach the Hispanic congregation the way of the Lord.


Minister Michael Moncada also interprets for all the Ministers of the church as they teach and preach the Gospel of Christ.      

He loves dogs and enjoys spending time with his wife and son.

Bio: Sister Shilah James is the first lady and one of the sister speakers of New Life Worldwide Apostolic Church.

She received her calling in Christ in 1984 and she has served as the church secretary of NLWAC since 2001. She moved to America with her husband Elder Michael James and four children in 2001. Since moving to America, they have established New Life Worldwide Apostolic Church USA, a 501c3 organization. She has been passionate and dedicated in supporting her husband to serve the ministry so that the gospel can be preached throughout the United States. She has a Bachelors of Science in Psychology, Master of Science in School Counseling and Master of Science in Law. Her passion is to work with children from all cultures and to serve the population of under-privileged children.

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